The PG Beautification and Shade Tree Advisory Commission is looking for volunteers! Members of the Commission are a hard working group which:

  • Advises the City Council on the methods and means of enhancing the beauty of the city
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council for programs such as Arbor Day, cleanup and home beautification contests, etc.
  • Participates in the development of the urban forestry program for the betterment, care and maintenance of city and non-city trees
  • Are appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council
  • Have become familiar with Pleasant Grove City Code, Title Two,  Chapter 2, Article E
  • Attends monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of each month)
  • Awards homeowners in each neighborhood (Yard of the Month) June – September
  • Awards homeowners in your neighborhood (Seasonal Decoration) December
  • Helps in organizing and attend the annual Arbor Day Celebration
  • Organizes and participates in the Strawberry Days Hidden Garden Tour
  • Attends City meetings as assigned (City Council, DRC, Planning, etc.)
  • Attend seminars and classes to stay informed of current practices
  • Communicates with the Leisure Services Division (Parks & Cemetery Department) for park improvements
  • Develops and carries out the PG City Water Conservation Awareness and Education Plan
  • Compensation – Members shall serve without monetary compensation

What is expected/required to be on the Commission?

Each Commission member is expected to fulfill the following:

  • Complete the application below and be available for a quick discussion with a Commission member
  • Be presented to the City Council and Mayor for appointment on the Commission
  • Be willing to serve on the commission for a 4 year term
  • Dedicate approximately 1 hour each week on Commission duties
  • Attend the monthly Commission meeting every 2nd Thursday 7:00-8:30pm
  • Have fun working on City beautification projects!

For more information, please refer to Pleasant Grove City Code, Chapter 2, Article E



Please fill out the following application and click submit to be considered for this position

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