Pleasant Grove City has a wonderful historical heritage that is among its most valued and important assets. It is therefore the intent of the City to identify, preserve, protect and enhance historic buildings, structures, sites, objects and districts lying within the city limits. For more information, please refer to Pleasant Grove City code, Chapter 2, Article C.

Volunteers appointed to the Historic Commission have the following duties/responsibilities:

  • Appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the city council
  • Serve a 4 year term
  • Demonstrate interest, competence or knowledge in historic preservation
  • Attend scheduled Historic Preservation Commission Meetings
  • Survey and Inventory Community Historic Resources
  • Review Proposed Nominations to National Register
  • Provide Advice and information to the mayor, city council and other officials and departments of government
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of city owned historic buildings and sites
  • Grant and aid application for historic projects in the city
  • State Law Enforcement advice
  • Review and become familiar with Pleasant Grove City Code, Title Two, Chapter 2, Article C
  • Attend city meetings as assigned (City Council, Planning, etc)
  • Attend sponsored events by the Historic Preservation Commission (e.g. Heritage Jubilee)
  • Commission Members may be assigned to Chair a Sub-Committee
  • Attend seminars and classes to stay informed of current practices
  • Staff support from the Parks & Recreation¬†and Community Development Departments


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